I'm Starving!

I become slightly annoyed when a friend or acquaintance exclaims, "Oh gee, I was so busy today, I forgot to eat!"

That has never happened to me. Ever.

Nor have I ever been that sick to my stomach that I just "couldn't eat", or "didn't feel like eating".

Nope. Never happened.

I think about food most of the time, and I am really ashamed to admit that. I always wonder when the next feeding will be, and whether or not I can look forward to it.

Dinner tonight for example. Not looking forward to it. Dried-out plain chicken breast, plain sweet potato, and a root vegetable medley. No dressings, no cheese, no butter, no salt.

But I guess it's better than the alternative - which was gorging down an entire bag of sweet and salty "Skinny Pop". 56 calories a cup...Not a bag.

Then I wind up saying, "Oh, I need to stop this! I will start fresh on Monday"

And I do start fresh on Monday and that lasts until Wednesday if I'm feeling extra motivated. Then the sugar-salt withdrawal goes into full swing and I crumble.

Why do I share this with you? Because I am a middle-aged fitness professional who is constantly struggling with her weight.

I am not the paper thin, extremely perky, personal trainer chick in the gym or on social media attempting to motivate middle-agers and senior citizens to become vegetarian, drink expensive shake supplements and engage in Hiit workouts. How can this person possibly relate to what seasoned women have gone through?

I am also not the health guru who is trying to sell you something either in a sly, cunning manner or in a straight out obnoxious way.

I'm here to share experiences. Offer guidance, support and a listening ear. You are free to take my fitness classes, meet me at the gym for a workout, sign up for a personal training or health coaching consultation - or not.

You can read my blog posts and laugh, get motivated or try something new. I currently have three jobs and am finishing a bachelor's degree in wellness. Believe me, I'm all set. If you just need moral support, I'm here. Let's just have fun, learn, and get motivated about aging. Adagio - a slower piece in classical music - paired with Aging.

AdagioAging. Slow Aging. Let's do this.

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