How many dimensions are there to wellness?

Well there are 6 dimensions of wellness.

Or 7, or 8 or 9 or 10....

It just really depends on what source you go to.

Some want to keep it simple and stick with the six. I always look to make things harder than they are so I choose eight. Although I do tend to complicate things in my life, I also want to get the most broken down, simplified yet detailed description I can get so my 53-year-old memory will have many different options to choose from.

So there are eight dimensions of wellness - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Let's regress for another second. Wellness is absence of disease, right? It's one idea - not eight. It's just doing some type of moderate activity for 30 minutes a day, lift some weights and stretch a bit every week. Eat semi-healthy foods and that is wellness.

That's what I though too. Then I took a class and went down a rabbit hole. It was on wellness and contemporary living. I LOVED the class. It was a semester of great awareness that resulted in my being more interested in cultivating a well-rounded healthy lifestyle that included spiritual wellness and financial wellness and social wellness and well, I'm getting ahead of myself here. The rabbit hole again.

Our society today is tough to live in. Everyone gets that. I can concentrate on going to the gym regularly to stay fit, but then I look and I haven't really connected to any of my friends on a personal level. I can focus on my career, but emotionally I'm a stressed out hot mess. There's many different parts to our wellness lifestyle.

I have to stop for a second and admit to the fact that I tend to live under a rock - so when I stop and realize something or learn something new, I get this big AH-HA moment which is what happened with these wellness dimensions.

So for today, since I like to take things in small bites - here are the 10 dimensions of wellness.

  1. Physical (no duh)

  2. Emotional

  3. Social

  4. Intellectual

  5. Spiritual

  6. Environmental

  7. Occupational

  8. Financial

There is no right order - they are all equally important. Some people place more value in one over the other and that's fine - personal preferences. We need, however, to do a little self check every once in awhile to make sure every dimension is at least floating and not drowning or diving.

For the next few days, I will take each one separately and really dig deep into it. There will be questions for you. Yikes a test??? No! Just some ideas to ponder as you take your little self check.

So that's your little bit of new knowledge for today. Because at adagioaging, we take things slow and steady! Be well!

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